What’s Next?

  1. Reorganize and restructure
    • Collective empathetic leadership possibly from multiple, full-time chairs. We don’t need to be limited to a single person who tries to represent all the diverse perspectives of the American public. We can have diverse and representative leadership who works together to insure the Party is accessible to everyone.
    • This must be about vision and ideas instead of personalities and optics.
    • New org chart based on new principles of engagement, fewer silos, less redundancy, and more unified perspective on building and supporting community.
  2. Listen, discover new ideas, and validate this plan
    • A serious listening tour to spur open, honest discussion about priorities and values. This is not all solved, and more of the solutions need to come from new places.
    • Transparent collection of ideas about where to engage, what resources are needed, and what tools are missing.
    • Active engagement with aligned movements and organizations like BLM and labor.
  3. Move DNC HQ out of Washington
    • And not to San Francisco or New York.
    • Our community is mostly NOT in DC; we need to reconnect with local leaders and local communities.
    • Reconnect state and regional offices.
    • Refocus DC presence on member support.
  4. Invest in talent and creativity
    • People drive movements, and we need to bring diverse perspectives from diverse backgrounds and industries to ensure that our work in all phases of organization is best in class.
    • Focus programs on training and capacity building.
    • Create more ways for people to contribute to strength of party beyond full-time staff positions.
  5. Embrace technology as essential party infrastructure
    • Create a services-based architecture that supports rather than stifles innovation within the party.
    • Distributed, services-oriented, values-centric, collectively led.
    • Drive innovation — in ideas, technology, solutions, training.
    • Turn our core assets into real value.
  6. Be our own media network
    • This is not about supplanting traditional media outlets but augmenting them.
    • Invest in our capacity generate and distribute compelling content.
    • Create and publish content across all mediums.
    • Ensure access to attention for community leaders around the country including our elected officials.